Monday, December 15, 2008

Other Sports

Now Egyptians didn't just splash around in the water. No, no they also liked to lay the Smack down on their rivals. As you can see on the picture to the right, many modern day wrestling moves appear in ancient Egyptian wrestling. Unfortunately they didn't have mats to wrestle on. So they were either wrestling out on the hot sand or on the soil near the river. I would think they did it near the river where the soil would be softer, because personally I wouldn't feel like breaking my back on a big old rock. But hey, thats just me. They would also sometimes do this in temples for honoring a certain god or godess. Children and adults (usually men or boys) would participate in this and very rarely did women. They also had a sport called piggy-pack catch. Where usually four girls would play. They were divided into two teams. One girl sat on the other girls back and threw the ball to the other teams "rider". Whenever the ball was dropped they switched positions. Children also played, sword fight not, "I shall slay thee knave!!!", but more like wooden sword in a ring for fun.

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