Monday, December 15, 2008

Water Sports

Well as you probably know the Egyptians, lived along the nile, Duh. You'd think that the Egyptians got pretty bored of their lifes. They had one sport that we actually have now-a-days. Swimming (I wouldn't really want to swim in a river full of Angry Hippos) In Egypt almost everyone learned how to swim, whether they be thirty or five! What they would do is swim to a certian point in the river and the first one there usually got a prize of linen or other items. (Oooh Linen, wheres the gold???) They also had another sport which sounds pretty awesome to me, boat racing, usually hosted by the rich to show off their wealth. Yeah yeah, sounds boring but wait till you hear what happened on the boats. Well each rowing team had a captain 1-4 rowers depending on the size of the ship and and attacker. Here's the coolest part, the attacker stood at any side of the boat. WITH A GIANT STICK!!! He got to whack the other team upside the head to mess them up. They even sometimes had stick fights on the boats.

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