Thursday, December 11, 2008


Senet is an Egyptian board game where the players "quest" for eternal fulfilment. (Life after ya go boom) When its turned into to English it Senet means "Passing" which explains why it is for life after death. The game was a grid of small wooden squares. Each player has from 6-8 small wooden pieces. But instead of using dice they had "Throwing Sticks" the light side represented none while the dark side (I am not talking about Starwars OKAY?!?!?) represented one space to move. There were four throwing sticks so if there was one dark side there was one space to move, two dark sides three and so on. If you rolled all light though you moved five which was obviously the best roll. In Senet you had to make your way through the twists and turns while trying to avoid the specially marked tiles that had bad fortune for your piece, but there were also good things. The game that most closely resembles this I would say is a combination of sorry or monopoly (With out the hotels and such)

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